Thangami | Spa
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The area is a paradise for bird watchers.
More that 260 species have
been spotted here in the valley.


Come and find the Green Pigeon,
Hamerkop, Secretary Bird and many more.
For a more comprehensive list go here.

The best way to explore Thangami is on foot.


Pack a light backpack with a hat, a snack,
a sweet and enough water and get going.

Take a piece of Thangami home with you.


Try our own Majestic Mud, a mud packed
with minerals to make your skin
feel soft and glowing.


We believe it has medicinal properties too.


Available at Thangami


All Jacuzzi’s are filled with natural warm water and are re-filled with fresh mineral water after use – No water is re-used or circulated!


Choose from a comfortable warm and big Jacuzzi for the whole family or maybe sneak off without the kids to a two-person Jacuzzi’s and relax in each other’s company.

All our pools, baths and mud fountains are fun for the whole family making it a great relaxing time with the family!




Thangami is unique with it’s mineral saturated mud fountains…

…which oozes from the river-bed and are fed naturally from underneath the earth’s crust


The tactile experience of a smooth, natural mud bath is almost decadent.

The mud contains 37 minerals and has a constant in-flow.



Our hot Mineral Springs are all natural and contain 37 minerals of which sulphur is the most common. Healthy, mineral-rich water gushes from the ground at 41 degrees centigrade, and soothes away the stresses and strains of the weary.

The water temperature remains constant due to a permanent and constant flow of water. Choose between the conviviality of the public pools, or the privacy of the roman baths.



Thangami Beauty Retreat – The ultimate pampering package.

Begin the journey in our hydro bath, let the thermal rich mineral water soothe your aches and pains and prepare the body for the mineral wrap. Follow with an invigorating full body exfoliation and the Earth clay wrap that utilizes the rich mineral clay sourced from deep within the Thangami hot springs. This rejuvenates and cleanses the body whilst feeding the skin with essential minerals. Shower of with pressurized cold water leaving you feeling revitalized and ready to complete the journey with a full body massage. Ensuring complete deep relaxation.

2 H 30 Min R 950.00

Head Massage 15Min R 160.00
Family Bubble (4 People ) 30Min R 290.00
Full Body Massage 60Min R 450.00
Deep Cleansing & Foot Massage 20Min R 190.00
Mud Mask 15Min R 75.00
Hands & Feet:
Men’s Manicure & Pedicure 30Min R 180.00
Spa Manicure ( Gel Polish ) 60Min R 200.00
Spa Pedicure ( Gel Polish ) 45Min R 250.00
Nail Set ( French or Colour ) 1h15Min R 300.00
Gel & Tip Removal 45Min R 40.00
Jacuzzi Rates:
Couples Treat ( 2 People ) 30Min
R 100.00
R 140.00
Family Bubble ( 4 People ) 30Min
R 190.00
R 250.00
Friendly Hole ( 8-10 People ) 30Min
R 300.00
R 400.00